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      We raise Tamworth pigs, a heritage breed known for its hardiness and ability to thrive on pasture.  We keep our pig herd small in order to respect the health of our land.  Currently, our farm supports two sows, a boar, and their litters of piglets.

     Our pigs play a key role in our farm, acting as emission-free tractors as they root and turn the soil.  Once they have rooted through and eaten all they can, we rotate the pigs to a new paddock, and we follow them with a real tractor to harrow and plant seeds for fresh new pasture grasses and forbs to feed the rest of our livestock.   When we moved to this farm, much of the pastureland was degraded from years of overgrazing.  The pigs are helping us regenerate the land so it will become healthier and more productive in the future.

What do our pigs eat?  


     We chose this breed of pigs because they are excellent foragers, meaning that a large portion of their diet comes from the pasture itself -- they love eating fresh grass, as well as rooting in the soil for roots, insects, and fungi.  In the fall, our pigs have all the windfall apples they can eat from the orchard.  We supplement with vegetable seconds from our organic home garden.  The pigs also receive a daily ration of soy and corn free, non-GMO hog feed from our friends at Mosaic Farms in Philomath.   This diversified diet means nutrient-dense food for you, with exceptional flavor and tenderness.


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