Silvernail Farm and Orchard

You are what you eat, so our commitment to you is to raise the healthiest and happiest animals possible.

Our livestock management is built on our values.  We aim to cultivate health and well-being for the people in our community, our natural environment, and our animals themselves.  


We are committed to raising livestock in a humane and gentle manner.  This means providing plenty of room to roam, food that fits each species' natural diet, and gentle treatment at all stages of life. 


We are not the only ones who care for our livestock.  Our farm is protected by three beautiful livestock guardian dogs who make our livelihood possible.   We truly could not make this work without their help.


Pasture- Raised Goat

There are many reasons to select pasture raised goat meat when choosing protein to nourish your family.

Goat meat is delicious and lends itself well to a multitude of different cuisines from around the world.  The taste is mild but flavorful.  Because our animals are healthy and young at the time of processing, our meat is very tender.

Goat meat is considered healthier than many other meats, with lower saturated fat and higher iron content than most other meats.  

Beyond the health and taste considerations, goat meat has a lower carbon footprint than many other meats, as goats need very little supplementation.  Our goats eat blackberry brambles, Scotch broom, and other weeds, helping us renovate pastures and woods into healthier and more productive land.  


What do our goats eat?

Fresh pasture forage and browse, including a variety of grasses, clover, and blackberries,  make up the vast majority of our goats' diet.  In the winter, hay cut from our certified organic pasture helps them stay healthy when it's too cold and wet for the grass to grow.  We supplement a small amount of non-GMO alfalfa grown in central Oregon, and offer free choice minerals to keep everyone in prime health.  Just after kidding, each doe gets a little molasses and probiotic mixed in her water.

Pasture-Raised Pork

We raise Red Wattle - Berkshire cross pigs.  We keep our pig herd small in order to respect the health of our land.  Currently, our farm supports two sows, Bertha and Petunia, and their annual crops of piglets.

Red Wattle meat is renowned for its exceptional flavor and tenderness. 


Our pigs play a key role in our farm, acting as emission-free tractors as they root and turn the soil.  Once they have rooted through and eaten all they can, we rotate the pigs to a new paddock, and we follow them with a real tractor to harrow and plant seeds for fresh new pasture grasses and forbs to feed the rest of our livestock.


What do our pigs eat?  

We chose the Red Wattle and Berkshire breeds because they are excellent foragers, meaning that a large portion of their diet comes from the pasture itself -- they love eating fresh grass, as well as rooting in the soil for roots, insects, and fungi.  In the fall, our pigs have all the windfall apples  they can eat from the orchard.  We supplement with vegetable seconds from Rainshine Family Farm.  The pigs also receive a daily ration of corn free, non-GMO hog feed from Mosaic Feeds in Philomath. 

Pasture-Raised Meats