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Chicken and turkey raised on pasture is full of flavor.  Once they are old enough to leave the brooder, our birds spend their lives outdoors, with grass underfoot, sky overhead, and a wide variety of natural foods to choose from.  

We raise a combination of Rainbow Ranger, Gray Ranger, and Freedom Ranger chickens, and a variety of turkey breeds.  These are all hardy breeds that thrive on pasture.  These birds spend more of their time actively foraging, eating plants and insects, which means the meat that you eat will provide the healthy Omega-3 fats that your body and brain need. 

What do our chickens and turkeys eat?


Our birds live outdoors and are rotated daily to fresh pasture, where they love eating fresh grass and forbs, as well as scratching to find insects and seeds.  In the fall, they have all the windfall apples  they can eat from the orchard.  They receive a daily ration of soy and corn free, non-GMO poultry feed from our friends at Mosaic Farms in Philomath. 

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