Silvernail Farm and Orchard

Airlie Red Apple


This variety was discovered as a seedling tree in the 1960s just a few miles down the road from our farm in the community of Airlie.


Bite into an Airlie Red apple and you will be surprised to discover not only bright pink flesh, but a delicious and unique taste.  Sweet and tart with hints of berries, this apple lends itself well to fresh eating, cooking, and cider making.


Our Airlie Red apples are available seasonally at the Saturday Corvallis Farmers' Market and both First Alternative Co-op locations in Corvallis from October through early December.


Airlie Red apples that don't make it onto the shelves for fresh eating are transformed into a unique, award-winning single varietal rosé cider from Alpenfire Cidery in Port Townsend, WA. 




Asian Pears


With a higher juice content than European pears, these fruits have a texture that more closely resembles that of an apple.  We recommend trying them wherever you might find an apple--eaten fresh and whole, added to salads, or baked in a sweet dessert.


We grow three varieties of Asian pears: Ichiban Nashi, Yoinashi, and Shinko.  They are available seasonally from August through December and can be found at the Saturday Corvallis Farmers' Market and both First Alternative Coop locations in Corvallis.





We are currently selling our hazelnuts, which we grow in our own certified organic orchard, at the Corvallis Winter Farmers Market.  Our booth is located outside under the carport.  We hope to see you there!

We offer roasted hazelnuts in a variety of sizes.  We are also selling handy snack sized packages in a variety flavors:  Honey Sea Salt, Truffle Salt, Chili Lime.  We use organic and whole ingredients in our recipes.  If you prefer raw nuts, we are also offering raw hazelnuts in the shell.

Hazelnuts bring flavor, protein, and crunch to any meal.  We like snacking on them all on their own, but they are also great as a topping on a salad, as part of trail mix, baked into tasty treats, ground into a flavorful nut butter-- the possibilities are endless.  

We are committed to growing practices that support a healthy environment.  We do not spray synthetic pesticides or herbicides in our orchard.  Our hazelnut orchard floor grows grass-- we do not spray herbicides to keep a bare dirt orchard floor.  This reduces erosion and chemical runoff.  It also provides habitat for insects and other wildlife.  We manage the grass with a small flock of sheep as well as mowing.



Other Apples

 In addition to the Airlie Red, we offer additional apple varieties in season, including Granny Smith, Summer Red, Akane, Winesap, Gravenstein, HoneyCrisp, Mutsu, Jonagold, Haralson, and a fantastic local discovery known as Kings Valley Crisp.  Look for our apples at the Saturday Corvallis Farmers' Market and both First Alternative Coop locations in Corvallis in the late summer and fall.

Fruits and Nuts