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You are what you eat, so our commitment to you is to raise the healthiest and happiest animals possible.

Our farming management is built on our values.  We aim to cultivate health and well-being for the people in our community, our natural environment, and our animals themselves.  


We are committed to raising livestock in a humane and gentle manner.  This means providing plenty of room to roam, food that fits each species' natural diet, and gentle treatment at all stages of life. 

We believe that with effort and attention, agriculture can be a form of responsible and regenerative land stewardship.  We practice rotational grazing to mimic the movement of migrating herds on the landscape.  This gives forage plants a chance to rest and regrow after grazing, resulting in healthier plants and soil.


Curious about our farming and land management practices?



Your Farmers

Ian Silvernail and Larkin Guenther Silvernail

We both grew up with a strong curiosity and love for animals and nature.  Food and farming have become a natural extension of this upbringing.  Larkin hails from the high-elevation sage steppe of Wyoming, and Ian from Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley.  Trained in botany and ecology, we bring to our farming approach many years of experience in the fields of conservation and habitat restoration.  We believe strongly that, in addition to being livestock managers, we are pasture farmers and habitat stewards, and we strive to manage our livestock in an optimal way to achieve these multiple goals.  Helping us with the work on the farm are our two kids, Rye (7) and Willa (3).

Bea, Tia, Lupe, and Glacier:  Livestock Guardians

We are not the only ones who care for our livestock.  Our farm is protected by four beautiful livestock guardian dogs who make our livelihood possible.   We truly could not make this work without their help.

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