Silvernail Farm and Orchard is nestled in Kings Valley, Oregon, in the eastern foothills of the Coast Range.  Our farm includes three generations of the Silvernail family.  Together, we are working to establish a diversified family farm, growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grassfed meats that will nourish our community.  We strive to farm using holistic practices that honor and respect our family, our community, and the natural landscape around us.




We are a diversified family farm producing nourishing food through holistic agriculture.





Cultivate joyful health and well being

Develop resilience through stewardship

Work together for mutual benefit

Be adventurous, creative, and resourceful

Build trust through respect
Act with integrity and honesty

Embrace compassion

Infuse beauty










Our family with the farm dogs Susanna, Zapata and Luisa

Bernie and Carrie Silvernail


Over forty years ago, the love for fresh, vibrant food inspired our first backyard garden.  No matter how small the plot, seeds were sown and tended to provide much of the produce for our family table.  Meals were a time for sharing news of the day as well as the delicious bounty from the garden.

Many gardens later, we are coming together with our children and grandchildren over the love for food and family. This beautiful farm and orchard provides the opportunity to continue the family tradition of growing vibrant food for ourselves and our community.

Elias Silvernail, Rachel Ashley and Calla Silvernail


We created Rainshine Family Farm in 2008 and have been growing vegetables ever since.  We provide a diversity of fresh, healthy produce, which feeds us and the community that supports our farm.  Over the last 4 years we have outgrown our little urban leased farm, and we set the goal of finding a piece of land to call our own.  After 3 years of searching, we have moved from downtown Corvallis to rural Kings Valley and couldn’t be more excited to start over in this beautiful spot.  We are co-creating a diversified family farm that includes vegetables, orchard crops, and animals.   All are produced with the utmost care for the health of ourselves and our land.  See our RainShine website for more information on our vegetables.


Ian, Larkin, and Rye Silvernail


We both grew up with a strong curiosity and love for animals and nature.  Food and farming have become a natural extension of this upbringing.  Our years of experience in land conservation and management in Willamette Valley grasslands have helped to inform our approach to grazing management on our farm.  We believe strongly that we are pasture farmers and habitat stewards first, and we strive to manage our livestock in an optimal way to achieve this.  As we continue to learn and grow, some of our animals will share the work load in our fruit and nut orchard as well.  We are currently building flocks and herds and will offer grassfed goats in the fall of 2018.  Other meats, all pasture-raised and lovingly cared for, will soon join our offerings.


Silvernail Farm and Orchard