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Ready to try our pasture raised meats?

Email us to join our CSA subscription or to place an order.


Deliveries are limited to the Philomath/Corvallis area.  We do not ship orders.




CSA Subscription

There’s nothing like the security of knowing that your family has reliable access to healthy, clean, nourishing food.  As a member of our CSA, you’ll receive a delivery containing an assortment of delicious, premium quality pasture raised meats each month.  Every month’s share will include some items best for slow cooking methods (roasts, whole chickens, shanks, etc.) and an array of convenient, quick-cooking cuts (chops, sausages, ground, etc.).  Subscribing gets you 10% off our retail prices.

1. Choose which types of meat you'd like:

(Chicken, goat, pork, and beef)


 2. Choose your share size.

  • Small Share ($85/month):   Example Box:  1 whole chicken, 2 lb pork roast, chicken thighs (4 pack), ground goat (1lb), 2 pork chops,  ground pork (1lb).                   

  • Large Share ($170/month):  Example Box:  2 whole chickens, 2 lb pork roast, goat shanks (2 pack), chicken thighs (4 pack), chicken breasts (2 pack), ground goat (1lb), 4 pork chops,  2 packs of ground pork (1lb).

3.  Email us at to sign up!  We will deliver your share to you once a month.

Delivery available in Philomath/Corvallis area only. Email to sign up!


These pasture raised chickens spend their lives outside, scratching and pecking on pasture.    We raise breeds that are especially good foragers, meaning you are getting more nutrient dense, flavorful meat and supporting more environmentally friendly poultry farming.

  • Whole chicken (approx. $5.75/lb)

    • Small (3-4 lbs):      $26​

    • Large (4-5 lbs):     $29

  • Breasts (2 per pack) :  $16

  • Thighs (4 per pack):    $16

  • Drums (4 per pack):    $14

  • Wings (4 per pack):     $8

Bulk discount:

Order 10 packages of any type of chicken and save 10%!

Delivery available in Philomath/Corvallis area only. Email to order.


Our pigs live outside on pasture, where they eat plants, roots, bugs, and fallen apples as well as supplemental grain.  We raise breeds that are especially good foragers, meaning you are getting more nutrient dense, flavorful meat.

  • Pork chops:                   $13/lb

  • Bones:                           $4/lb

  • Ground pork:                 $10/lb

  • Ham Steaks:                 $10/lb

  • Ham Hocks:                  $10/lb

  • Spare ribs:                    $10/lb

  • Shoulder roast:             $11/lb

  • Breakfast Sausage:      $11/lb

  • Shoulder Steak:            $12/lb

  • Stir fry/ fajita strips:       $12/lb

Delivery available in Philomath/Corvallis area only. Email to order.


Goats transform weeds and brush into some of the most nutrient dense food you can eat.  High in iron and other minerals, this meat is not only tender and delicious, but extremely delicious.  Our small herd size means our supply is limited, so most of our goat meat is reserved for our CSA subscribers.  However, we do occasionally have some cuts available for retail sale as well. When available, they will be listed here.

To place an order or subscribe to our CSA, email us at
We do not ship. Deliveries are limited to locations in the Philomath/Corvallis area.
Delivery is free for orders over $40.
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