Whole Hog - Deposit for January 6th Butcher Date

  • Your choice of cuts on a whole hog from snout to tail.  This is a great way use the whole animal and to stock up on your favorite cuts at a great price.

    Final price will be $4.00/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees. 

    Our goal for hanging weight for a whole hog is 200-280 lbs, but since we're working with nature here, final weights may vary a bit.

    Butcher fees vary based on your cut requests and tend to be a bit higher if you have more special products made (i.e. ham, bacon, sausage).  Expect in the neighborhood of $250-$300 in butcher fees for a whole hog.  

    Once you order, we will help you choose which cuts are right for you, and will relay your individual instructions to the butcher.  Once the meat is ready, we will pick it up from the butcher and deliver it to you.  

    Payment is due upon receipt of the final product.

    Please reach out with any questions you may have!