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We are taking your safety seriously during this time.

Here's what we're doing:  

  • All of our meat is packaged at a USDA certified facility and frozen.​

  • When we handle the meat to bring to market or to deliver to you, we will be wearing masks and clean gloves 100% of the time.

  • Pre- Orders:  Order online to pick up your food quickly at our Farmers Market booth, or set up a home delivery in the Corvallis / Philomath area (minimum order size $40 for home delivery).


Home Delivery

While the Corvallis Farmers' Market is open (with some major modifications for safety) for the 2020 season, we know that some of you may prefer to avoid the market, especially if you or a family member is sick or at high risk.  We want to make sure that you have access to healthy, nourishing food even if you're staying at home.  Please contact us to set up a free home delivery. 


Here's how it will work:

  1. Place your order online.  

  2. In the comment box, be sure to leave instructions for delivery.  If you don't leave delivery instructions, we will assume you are picking up your order at the Farmers' Market booth.

  3.  We will pack your order in a box or bag following strict safety measures.

  4. Leave a cooler outside your door at the pick up location.

  5. At a designated time we will bring your order to your door and place it in the cooler.  

  6. If you would prefer to let your order sit for a while before you bring it inside, make sure to fill the cooler with plenty of ice.

  7. That's it! 


Please note-- minimum order size for home delivery is $40.

At this time we are only able to deliver in the Corvallis / Philomath area.

We will be doing home deliveries on Thursday mornings between 7:30 - 9:30 AM

And here is what you can do!



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